Dealing With Difficult People & Bullies

CONGRATULATIONS on visiting our webpage because you are searching for answers and ready for change. This can be your big break through and life changing for you.

Here you’ll find easy to understand solutions for dealing with difficult people and bullies and I give 100% guaranteed that you will think, feel and act differently for the rest of your life after including these solutions in your life. Here’s what you’ll find here…

Answers about how to deal with these people who ‘bug’, ‘annoy’ intimidate and bully you… either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. 

Your next challenge is that sometimes you can not ‘get away’ from them. You are working because you need money, yet it’s your boss or colleague, or it could be a family member or your partner. However, you can learn how to deal with them even though it is a learning curve…just like when you learnt to read and write. 

By taking on the solutions for difficult people in your life, you will…

  • STOP feeling stressed out, unworthy, challenged, angry or annoyed.
  • STOP your sleepless nights, worrying, unhappy and not feeling okay.
  • STOP being unhappy and miserable without knowing your solution.

I learnt the hard way about relationships with difficult people: School bullying from teenage girls when I didn’t realise I was bullied, my ex-husband bullying me and so I left him, which is when I started learning how to avoid it, followed by bullying at work from a co-worker, when I knew what to do.

I know what it feels like – and it’s not nice!!!

With my hand on heart, I can honestly admit that after all my bullying experiences, learning how to handle them has been one of my best ‘life lessons’. If someone tries to bully me now, I instantly analyse what’s happening and have a few phrases I can say which stop the conversation or actions from continuing.

Life is your big school and some people need to learn how to handle money or their health whereas that might be easy you. However, if you’re reading this page now, learning how to handle bullies and difficult people is probably the life lesson, you need to learn. If you do not learn now, bullies will continue to enter your life and cause difficulty for you until you learn this life lesson. However if you learn it now you will stop bullies affecting you.

 It’s like if you are learning to spell a word, you have to check the dictionary or spell check it, until you write it correctly. Then for the rest of your life, you know how to spell it. Learning to deal with bullies and difficult people is the same. Once you learn, you know what to do.

When I realised my problem, I searched for solutions and discovered how to take control of relationships. I became empowered and mastered the two easy words that turned my life around. I used these vital life skills so I could take control of my own life, dreams and goals.

Years later, I’ve taught these at Dealing with Difficult People seminars and workshops in businesses. People who attended made these comments:

  • This taught me new communication skills and gave me new strategies,
  • I understand personalities and relationships and how they ‘work’ in  life
  • It is easy to understand and make sense
  • Now I know what I need to do
  • I feel a thousand times better
  • I can cope with the bullies and difficult people now!

As an ex-bullied person I guarantee what I am sharing with you works. On this website I’m giving you a variety of solutions that suit all budgets. No matter what, I would like you leave this website with something to help you. There’s my free ebooks, tips articles and stories through to my individual modules up to my 6 webinar programme and its 13 bonus freebies. So whatever your budget I want you to become more empowered.

I’d like you to stop wasting your precious energy on negativity and start to change your life so you can achieve your dreams and desires. If you are a mother or father you are also affecting the lives of your children, so I urge you to stop the cycle. When I became a single mother I saved myself and my daughters from a life of negativity and mental and emotional abuse.  The internet was just starting so I did not have easy access to a wealth of knowledge, instead I read books and books and books. These were from libraries and friends because I had no budget left for learning.  As I got some money I invested in courses and workshops to continue my learning. So, no matter where you are, I’ve probably been there so please take some action and learn to empower yourself.

The world needs as many people as possible to be empowered and achieving, to help save the people and our planet. And that is you, so please become one of them and join me!

You can be happier, have better relationships with family or friends and could earn more money by being more empowered at work.

On this website, you will benefit from my experiences and you will receive fantastic easy to understand information in everyday language.

In you chose my program I have tailored it to all learning styles and personalities. That means  if you like watching video’s or listening or reading, I’ve included all those types of learning so you choose the one you like the best. I’ve also got a variety of figures, graphics and pictures so if you like some statistics, I’ve got some included and if you like pictures and colours, I’ve also included some of those as well.

Consequently, you can relax, watch the slides and listen to me while I share this life-changing information with you.

The benefits of my program are that you will understand ‘what’s happening’ and you will have a range of solutions you can start to use everyday

You’ll start to practise these and sleep easier, knowing you have now got your solutions. You’ll be able to analyse the situation and be more confident and positive about your self

In the program you will receive ALL the information that I personally 100% guarantee will change your life….for the better!

You receive six one hour modules that explain everything you need to improve your difficult person situation. Sit, watch, listen and download the PowerPoint slides so you can read along as well. In addition to this you’ll receive a bundle of fantastic bonuses that will support and help you on your journey.

Along with this you’ve got an appointment to chat with me and I can guide you which areas you may need to focus on.

Two Scenarios

If it’s a difficult person or workplace bullying, you can focus on the stories and scenarios that are work related about dealing with difficult people or work bullies for your professional life.

If it’s a difficult person or bullying at home, you can focus on stories and scenarios that are related to your personal life.

Difficult People can lead to unhealthy dysfunctional relationships, insecurity and depression, by the you, the victim so I urge you to solve this as quickly as possible.

In my program you’ll learn about the effects of bullying and although I haven’t called this a bullying program, it is because adult bullies are difficult people.

You can also learn by watching my story about difficult people video or bullying story and video (on the home page) where I share my experiences and about some of the bullying effects on me.

I share the causes of bullying or the reasons for difficult people.

Bullying at work and difficult people at work is very common and it is one of life’s lessons you need to learn to be focussing on creating your own happiness at work, or if it’s at home, in your personal life.

I’m 100% certain about what I’m sharing with you that I offer a money back guarantee – so  you’ve got nothing to lose to become the winner in your life that you deserve to be.

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