I’ve been there and learnt the hard way …that is about relationships with difficult people: School bullying the ex-husband bullying and then co-worker bullying!

I know what it’s like – and it’s not nice at all!!!

As an ex-bullied person I guarantee my program works, you’ll benefit from my experiences, you’ll receive fantastic easy to understand information, in everyday language. I have tailored my program to all learning styles and personalities, so it’s easy.

In my programs you’ll learn about the effects of bullying and although I haven’t called this a bullying program, in some ways it is, because adult bullies are indeed difficult people.

You can learn about me by watching my story about difficult people video or bullying story and video (on the home page) where I share my experiences and about some of the bullying effects on me.

In both programs I share about the causes of bullying or the reasons for difficult people.

Bullying at home or work and difficult people at home or work is very common and it is one of life’s lessons you need to learn to be focussing on creating your own happiness at work, or if it’s at home, in your personal life.

Tips for Victims of Bullying

  • Bullies behind their bravado – are cowards with low self esteem.
  • The only way they ‘feel good’ is by trying to make you feel lousy.
  • Talk to someone who could help you believe in yourself.
  • Learn how to communicate assertively
  • Boost your self esteem
  • You are not alone…and rise about this challenge and succeed.
  • If you don’t learn now…it will happen to you again.
  • Understand if it wasn’t you – the bully would target someone else.

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