Dealing with Difficult People & Tricky Situations & Bullies

Individual Modules

Each module focuses on one important solution to teach you to learn how to deal with difficult people and bullies. Individually purchase these modules.



Evaluate your present situation and any similarities or patterns.self analysis.jpg

• Who constitutes a difficult person at home or work
• Define the behaviour that makes them a difficult person
• Learn why people ‘push’ your buttons
• What’s your present level knowledge and expertise on
• What are your difficult person’s traits
• Assess your reason and their reasons: What, where, why, how, when

 USD $77.00


Learn about specific personality traits, quirks and characteristics about yourself

• Characteristics of four different personality types
• Diagnose the different areas of work
• Assess each conflict style
• Learn about your decision making approach
• Understand your different communication styles.
• Use this tool to diagnose your difficult person, family and friends

USD $77.00


Learn about the four different vital styles that affect each relationship

• Learn three different relationship roles
• Understand the four different scenarios
• Diagnose your present relationship
• Evaluate where your present relationship
• Assess the negative affects and your positive actions
• Decide what is critical to success

USD $77.00


Understand the importance of self esteem as a key element to successself esteem.jpg

• Learn the ten ingredients of low self-esteem
• Understand the effects of being un-empowered
• Learn the ten ingredients of high self-esteem
• Understand the effects being empowered
• Evaluate yourself and why and action steps
• Evaluate yourself in your relationship with the difficult person

USD $77.00


Understand the importance of empower yourself with effective communication

• Learn the importance of your feelings
• Understand the 3 different types of communication
• Grasp how these relate to your relationship and esteem
• Learn the two most important words and phrases to use
• Understand the importance of empathy and listening skills
• Learn two easy feedback tools to use.

USD $77.00


Look at life differently by learning to be more positive

• Evaluate your present negative and positive thoughts
• Learn the traits of a negative thinker
• Understand what to embrace to become positive thinker
• Assess what you can and can’t change
• Decide how to re-evaluate your thinking
• Learn some ‘out of the square box’ ideas.

USD $77.00

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